Course Coordinator

Fanyi Meng

By Lincoln College
Fanyi Meng


Fanyi Meng is the Course Coordinator for Acupuncture.

Fanyi is a very experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner with 40 years clinical experience in both Chinese Acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Most of Fanyi’s client cases are chronic and complex conditions that require second opinion or intense research to answer. The areas of infertility, particularly for male clients, and cancer support are his clinical focus. Other areas of his experience including insomnia, anxiety, and menopausal conditions.

Famyi’s personal style of practice is “adjust the mind to govern the energy (Qi), and beam the energy to drive the needling,  the needle bridge the patient’s and practitioner forging energy consonance.” It is a holistic bonding therapeutic harmonised coordination to facilitate the positive change of patients. 

Fanyi also use traditional Chinese manual therapy which is called Tuina to delivery the treatment for many conditions which are not suitable for needling.

Currently, Fanyi mainly supervises the Friday clinic.