Acupuncture Lecturer Enjoys Publishing Success with Academic Textbook

By Lincoln College
Fanyi Meng

Lincoln College lecturer has book published that will benefit degree-level students around the world.

Fanyi Meng, Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Acupuncture course at Lincoln College, started writing content for the book in 2006 after identifying a need for a book that would help those studying the complex subject of Chinese medicine.

The book, titled Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, aims to provide a different angle to understanding the key concepts of Chinese medicine.

Fanyi worked with two other authors from America and China who had gathered similar notes and they started working with a reputable Chinese publisher in 2015 who agreed to publish their work.

Fanyi is proud to have copies of his book available for Lincoln College students to use, he said:

“I wanted to produce a textbook written in a different way to the more traditional texts that are out there, these are often more like encyclopaedias and this is a barrier to learning for many students.

“It is great to know that we are contributing to the profession with our knowledge and having our work published increases our credibility as professionals.

“Research such as this is essential in maintaining the quality and reputation of the education that we provide.

“I have already placed an order for a number of copies for Lincoln College which will be made available for our students as a key reference book in their studies.

“The students are proud to be working towards their degree at Lincoln College and having this book on the shelves in the Library before it is released to buy worldwide next year is very exciting.”

Becki Hamnett, Head of Higher Education at Lincoln College, said:

“Fanyi, and the rest of HE Complementary Medicine team, work hard to ensure that their approach to teaching is both research informed and, where possible, research led.

“This book publication is a testament to the hard work that Fanyi has dedicated to his research and it will benefit both staff and students in engaging with his work further.

“I am very proud of Fanyi's achievement both personally and professionally and it marks a significant development in establishing a research profile for Lincoln College.”

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Fanyi Meng
Fanyi Meng

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